Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Original Sin- We Don't Get Our Sin Nature by Inheritance from Adam

There is a lot of theology which is not actually in the Bible when it comes to Early Genesis. For example, the idea that we get our sin nature because we are physically descended from Adam. It is a misunderstanding which hinders people from understanding the cosmology of early Genesis.

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The Sons of God and the Nephilim

A cryptic reference in Genesis chapter six has produced a mass amount of speculation and spinning yarns that are not really attested to in the Bible. The less-fantastical truth about this passage fits very smoothly with the Christ-Centered model laid out in Early Genesis the Revealed Cosmology.

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Comparing the Reasons to Believe Model to the Christ-Centered Model of Early Genesis

Reasons to Believe is a fine apologetics organization. I have a lot of respect for their work. But their model for creation, their view of early Genesis, is someone different than the Christ-Centered model I present in the book "Early Genesis, the Revealed Cosmology.

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The Flood Did Not Kill All Humans on Earth!

An earlier video explained scriptures within the flood account itself. This video discusses textual evidence immediately after the flood account which shows there were other survivors besides the clan of Noah.

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The Bible Does Not Teach that Adam was the Father of All Mankind

The Bible does not teach that Adam was the progenitor of the entire human race, only the line of Messiah. The reason some passages in Genesis sound like there were already other people around is because there were! Talk based on the book "Early Genesis, the Revealed Cosmology.

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When Was Adam?

An explanation of the "long" way to read the genealogies (yet still without time gaps between generations).

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Time Above and Time Below in Early Genesis

Apparently some readers could benefit from a little supplemental material about what I was saying about how time passed at two rates in the six days of creation. Here it is.